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Yes, it’s been awhile since the wanderlust grab hold of us girls, but it’s summer and school’s out so…

So, it’s time to put on the hiking shoes and get traveling again!

This year we’ve decided to check out the scenes around the United States. We’ll be driving, okay not all of us will be driving – some of us can’t peek out over the steering wheel! Oh, sorry, I’ve been informed that it’s not the peeping over the steering wheel, but a matter of not being able to reach the peddles or knowing what they do! At any rate,  we’ll be driving from sea to shining sea!

The plan, so far, is to start in Maryland and work our way along the interstate. Having family and friends along the way is helpful in breaking up the driving and getting us out to see a few of the sights along the way. So far, the first big stop will take us into Columbus, Ohio. I have a good friend from uni days that lives there and it will be great to see his face in person again. Then it will be onward into Indianapolis, Indiana to stop and say hi to distant cousins – my mum’s family is scattered but keep the ties open for lots of love to be shared. From there we’ll stop in St. Louis, Missouri (that’s Miz-ur-ē or Miz-ur-uh depending on which side of the river you grew up on!) to hopefully catch up with a former student and a former secondary school classmate! Finally, on this bit of the trip we’ll stop off in Lawrence, Kansas to pick up my mum’s older brother who will join us for the rest of the trip which will take us up and into Seattle, Washington where my mum’s younger brother lives. We will be heading into Colorado and then up, but we haven’t worked out which route we’ll take just yet.

We are getting excited and tired just thinking about all the driving, but an adventure we will have!

We love suggestions of what to see along the way, and possible routes to take, so please fell free to share!

Next post will be when we make our first stop for the night on July 6th – if I’m not too knackered from the driving!