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When visiting Glacier National Park during the peak summer months when most of the paths have finally been slowed and the Sun Road are open for travelling it is worth the fun of touring on a Red Bus. Each time the snow melts there are new things to repair and as the snow and ice melt each spring/summer the road can be treacherous. . While we were touring a motorcycle had crashed into a guard rail and a worker that was rappelling and checking the safety of the rocks and soundness of the mountain where the road sits there was a mishap. So sometimes the road is closed to keep folk safe. However, while we were there we were able to go on most of the road, though not all of it. And while that was a bit disappointing, I’m glad to be kept safe. But back to the the Jammin’ Red Buses!

These buses have been part of the fun at Glacier since 1914, but the buses in current use have been working since the 1930s. They are iconic and worth every penny of the price of the tour. You’re bound to have an entertaining time with a guide who is fun and knowledgeable. Our tour guis, Larry, fell in love with the buses and Glacier as a tourist and he and his wife moved when it was time to retire so he could work with the red buses full time. He retired from Ford Auto as a film maker and worked on the quintessential film about the red buses. Larry was entertaining, a fount of knowledge, and ready to answer any question – even the ones posed by our girl. We took the full day tour, but they do have shorter options if you don’t want to spend the whole day out.

I’m not going to do anything more than post some fabulous photos of our time on the red bus tour. Some of the photos have captions to go with them. Soak it in, think about going, and enjoy the ride…