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As I mentioned yesterday, the National Parks of the USA is celebrating 100 years of existence. I also mentioned that I’d start another trip down memory lane along the trail of national parks visited. The first big trip that “the girls” took in the US was a train trip across the USA back in 2012. The trip took place in June, but the preparations were on-going since booking of the trip in early March. Well, at least our girl had been prepping since then. She was SO ready to go on this adventure…

**** (these are my version of the transitions in TV and Film from present day into the past or the dream sequence!)

June 2012:

DSCN1102On Sunday afternoon I took AEB to the local REI to get her a new pair of hiking shoes. We came away with new shoes, a weatherproof map of Glacier National Park and a membership to the co-op. On the way home, AEB poured over the map looking at the elevations, asking about the rings, the shadings, the rivers, lakes and about my former student, Heath, who we’ll hopefully get to  meet up with and who works at Whitefish Mountain Resort. AEB decided that she would take the map with us so that if we got to go hiking with Heath, and in case we got lost, then at the critical moment she would be able to get the map out of her backpack and save the day with map and compass! Nice planning ahead. When we got the map home we opened it up on the floor and marked with little margin post-its where we would be staying, where we wanted to explore. We also opened up the U.S. map and marked with DSCN1106the post-its where we would be stopping along the way.
Our girl is out of school, but there is still a bit of time before we get to head out on this adventure. So, the two of them are spending this time before leaving having what they call, “Grammy School”. Each morning they have a schedule for the day. They even have fellow imaginary students, some good and some rather naughty. Apparently this time it’s a boarding school, too. The curriculum is geared around getting ready for this trip and caring for the garden and doing other jobs around the house. I rather resent having to head off to work rather than getting to participate! But hearing about the days doings is fun in its own way. I do miss so much by having to go off to work and not stay at home. This is one of the major drawbacks of being a single parent. Yesterday they made a covered wagon and are looking at the route that Lewis & Clark took that runs through the territory we will be traversing while on our trip. They are also going out and doing sketches of nature in preparation. They are looking at maps and using a pocket compass I got for our girl. There’s lots of looking and pouring over valleys and hills and wondering out-loud. They are looking at websites about Glacier National Park (GNP) and seeing what to possibly expect and what we might go and see and do. They are doing lots of interesting things that I will eventually get to be part of, but for now I will be slightly jealous and hear all about it when I get home from work each day.