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Talking about returning home, especially when you’ve been away with your kid(s) is just as important as the adventure you’ve all had together. AEB will reminisce from time-to-time about her school days in China. They aren’t as often as they were when we first came back, or the first year back into her regular schooling days. But we still talk about them. She’ll see something when we’re out and about, or she’ll be culling her book collection and see one of her textbooks from China, and we’ll talk and remember…


We’re back and our China Adventure is over. Well, the China part is complete, but I dare say the adventure aspect of things will continue on for years to come. The flight was, as one always hopes, uneventful and long. And now jet lag has set in as we feel 12 hours ahead of everything but the sun tells us otherwise. Our cats are alive and the orange tabby may already be wishing us on other adventures sooner than later! Our girl woke up at 6 this morning. I could have slept at least another hour, but her tummy told her otherwise. Her friend from across the street noticed that AEB was back and yelled out to her. Oh what joy! To be seen and recognised and welcomed. What a feeling. It’s what we all want in coming home – a sense that we are celebrated upon our return. Then it was another friend a little further down who noticed. She was invited to stay and play which gave me time to nap, I mean unpack. Okay, I admit it. I fell asleep for about an hour or maybe two. Then it was time for a break. AEB’s jet-lag was setting in and she was starting to get surly and short tempered so she came back and we had a nice quiet afternoon between bouts of temper. Jet lag isn’t easy and being over tired make you less able to self monitor. We managed to get through the evening. As I was washing up the dishes our girl went into the living room and when I came out she was knocked out, sound asleep. I carried her up to bed.
And so we begin reentry into the rhythm of the familiar and the figuring out of how to assimilate the experiences had into who we are and grow into being. That won’t necessarily be a conscious thing, but it will happen. And, as always, I’ll be there to help her and she with me as we talk over, remember and shift through our time in China with life back at the New Old House.