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Well, before I start recalling travel experiences of the past I thought I’d stop and pay homage to Ms. Potter. She was born on July 28th, so I’m a little late in wishing her a Happy Birthday. But out at her beloved Hill Top they are in full swing celebrations of her 150th year.

I’ve loved her stories since I was little. My favourite of her tales has always been “The Tale of Two Bad Mice“. I have a small figurine of Hunkamunka in one of the doll’s dresses sweeping after having mended her ways. I think since I discovered her and her husband, Tom Thumb, I’ve loved little mice. I’ve never fully been fond of the real thing, though I did come home from school in my seventh grade year with two mice after having been told I could not under any circumstances bring home mice we had finished with in science class when studying animal behaviour. The link takes you to YouTube where it shows the animated tale of “The Tale of Two Bad Mice” which is beautifully done in the drawing style of Ms. Potter with an introduction with the lovely Niamh Cusack playing Beatrix Potter starting out writing her letters to the children she originally sent her tales off to when she had no other news to amuse them with. It was one of AEB’s favourite tales to watch as a very young thing and made her just cackle with laughter. It’s a darling telling and a wonderful series – you can still find it for purchase out there.

One of our girl’s first trips was to the UK to visit her aunties – the two wonderful aunties we saw last summer when we visited London. They live up in Cumbria in a little village near Kendal. It’s beautiful country – the land of the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. Not too far down the road, the A591 to be precise, in Bowness-on-Windermere is The World of Beatrix Potter. It’s expanded a bit since we first visited the attraction when our girl was not quite two years old back in 2007. But it’s still delightful. The Tea Room has a nice selection of items to eat for both older and younger members of your party.

If you have the chance while exploring the UK – head over to the Lakes and visit Hill Top, but take a peek into the world that Ms. Potter created over at The World of Beatrix Potter. All your friends are waiting for you to check in on them. Everything is about child’s size so they can enjoy the visit as part of the action of the scenes from Ms. Potter’s stories. You’ll enjoy it, too!