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Ah, the end is near. We were settled into our last stop on our list of places to be in Jordan. We stayed at the Marriott. We’ve learned that as you come to the end it’s nice to treat yourself to a great hotel for rest and recharging before facing a long jaunt back home by air. When we arrived our room was not ready and not likely to be ready anytime soon. We found a cozy corner of the lobby and ordered drinks and ice cream to wait things out. When AEB and I were finished we set off to explore the pool options. They were many! I think we counted 5 pools, four of them were family oriented and of a depth that was nice for kids to be able to touch bottom without being on tippy toes. The last pool, just before reaching the beach front for the Dead Sea was an adult pool with booming techno music and glamorous singles hanging out trying to impress each other. Our girl was thrilled to be at an hotel where the pool was deep/shallow enough for her to be confident in her swimming.

Once we got into our room all AEB wanted to do was get into her swim suit and hit the pool. She did stop to admire the suite, though, and the bathroom with a deep tub that she could stretch out and have a soak in. But first things first – the pool! We found a nice shady spot for out towels and made it our base camp for the evening. The nice thing about this hotel is that they give you a card for towels. You hand over your card and they give you the towels you need. Once you’re ready to go in you turn in your towels and they give you the card back to come and enjoy the pool the next day.

Once our girl had had her fill of the pool when went in for the evening and splurged on room service and found the Animal Planet to watch while just being slugs before falling into bed and a luxurious night’s sleep.

The following day was spent poolside with a venture down to the Dead Sea for a float and a mud bath. AEB was very keen on trying out the Dead Sea. She’s been thinking and planning for this moment since she found out that we would be coming. We warned her about the salt and that if there were any cuts on her person she’d soon know about them. Well, she didn’t stay in long for there were a few cuts that she said hurt too much to stay in long. It was a major disappointment for her. She’d been planning on trying to show her Grammy how to swim. However, she contented herself with sitting nearby in the shade and catching up on her journalling while mum and I took our time with the sun, the mud, and a salty dip. The hotel has two large urns of mud for its guests to dip into to slop on the rejuvenating mud of the Dead Sea. We were told to take a dip first and then get out, put the mud on, wait about ten minutes out in the sun for the mud to dry, and then get back in and then stay in for about 20 minutes while washing away the mud. It was wonderful!

Then it was back up to the family pool for more fun and sun. AEB found a little girl her own age to play with – fact they are one day apart in age! We found out that she comes to Jordan every summer with her family to stay with her grandparents who live in Amman. They spend about a week at the Dead Sea for their health and go for a mud and dip each night. During the school year she lives in Australia. It was great to watch our girl enjoy making a friend and having a lovely last day in Jordan. They exchanged addresses, so they liked each other enough to do that! It was nice, too, because it meant that I got to sneak in a nap poolside while enjoying the breezes and the sun.

We finally went in to shower, pack, and have supper before meeting out driver one last time to head for the airport and our flights back home.

It’s going to take a while to process this trip. It’s been such an amazing adventure and journey. The experiences will be with me forever, and I look forward to talking through them over the years with our girl.

If you have a chance to go to Jordan – do it!


heading home with our first layover – jet lag sets in hard.