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So having already seen Shawbak Castle we were able to take out time checking out. It was a good thing too since I was still recovering from my near misadventure from the day before. We had a late start and headed off to Wadi Rum.

On the way out of Petra/Wadi Musa our driver stopped up the hills so we could look at out as see just why the tombs of Petra were kept hidden so well for so long. It wasn’t just the secret keeping abilities of the peoples, the landscape hides it from view beautifully. How would you know anything other than blue lizards and beetles lived among the rocks?

I think I slept most of the way, but I don’t remember consciously falling asleep, just waking with my head jerking up or finding my mouth gaping wide open. This is the truly glamorous side of travel rarely glimpsed at by others – and you have a front row seat!

We arrived in Wadi Rum, Sun City Camp in time for a bit of lunch and a rest before we would begin our 3 hour desert tour by jeep. Sun City Camp is a Bedouin run camp of about 30 Bedouin style tents, though more solidly build rather than built to be taken down and carried to the next site, with en suite bathrooms. This is what is more commonly known as glamping – glamorous camping. The beds were comfortable, the scent of sandalwood hung in the tent, the bathroom was very clean, and the water got hot quickly for showering.

AEB found her animal – a dog that she worried over until she found out that he really was loved and cared for by the men working on site. He was pretty scrawny looking so she was right to worry until she saw that he was loved on, fed, and kept watered. Her heart is so big that I think it will burst sometimes. The dog followed her up to our tent and waited for her until she got what she needed for the jeep ride. They know her heart.


Our jeep ride was incredible. We rode in the back of a pickup (it was a Toyota if anyone pays attention to those sorts of things) and rode through the desert land of T.E. Lawrence.

Our girl took her own pictures of her experience out in the desert and she built cairns along the way when we stopped to get out and enjoy a quiet spot and some shade. I think she started building the cairns as she saw them along the side of the road we had been driving along to get around to our various sites in Jordan. Our driver explained to us that the Bedouin used them as a sort of language amongst themselves – the rock’s size, colour, and shape all go into creating meaning, as well as order of stacking and height. I wonder what they thought of her little cairns.

Then it was time to stop, have a little rest before starting the camel ride out to watch the sun set over Wadi Rum. Taking pictures on camel back is a tricky endeavour – not impossible just a juggling balancing trapeze act all in one!

After watching the sun disappear in a blaze of glory we got back into the jeep/truck and headed back to camp in time to clean up and get ready for supper! It was an event in itself to watch supper being dug up from the ground where it had been baking. It was a delightful production and delicious.

Then it was time for bed so we could get up and set out for the next adventure down the road!