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After being given the chance to recover from the day’s near mishap we went down to The Petra Kitchen to enjoy an interesting culinary evening.

Petra Kitchen is one of those unique experiences where you get to cook your meal and learn about a culture’s food. It was a great evening and best of all AEB really enjoyed herself. The evening was made a little more interesting by the inclusion of a TV crew from the Telegraph. A young woman and the camera man were in Jordan on a culinary adventure going around to different locales to learn about the food. We just so happened to be there the evening they were. Fortunately, they did all they could to not take over the evening and were interesting to be around. The only glitch was at the very end when they whisked the host and chef up for interviews and we missed saying our goodbyes and collecting our recipes. However, Ali, the host sent copies to our driver and even emailed copies to us as well.

We learned to chop better, dice better, and appreciate spice better. Chef Tarek was very patient with us and was very kind and helpful with our girl – she was a bright spot for lots of folk along the way. Children often help break the ice between peoples, not always, but most of the time.

Here’s what was on the menu for the evening:

Green Wheat Soup -Shourbat Freekeh this was AEB’s favourite of all the dishes we made this evening.

Eggplant loveliness – Baba Ganuj we did some modifying of the recipes since I can’t eat bell peppers. Many of the dishes had green peppers, but Chef Tarek was kind enough to leave them out so I could enjoy the dishes and not get sick.

Cucumber and Tomato Salad – Fatoosh this was a nice dish and spiced mostly with something known as Sumac, not the poison sumac which is a tree, but the sumac which comes from the sumac flowering plant. I want to add this to my spice cupboard – seriously wonderful spice!

Sesame salad -Salatat Khodra bil Tahina this is the traditional tahini most folk have heard about. It was a nice accompaniment with the main dish which we haven’t gotten to yet!

Tomato and Pine Nut dish – Galayat Bandura this was tasty. I’m not usually a huge fan of the pine nut but I liked this dish.

Our main dish was an oven roasted chicken -Suniyat dijaj this was delicious!

We were all stuffed by the end of it and not even half of the food had been consumed. The kitchen doesn’t let anything go to waste and they have plenty of folk working for them that get left-overs if there are any, which there were!