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Coming up in the next few posts are thoughts and adventures of being in China…

In 2013 Mum was invited by Nanjing Normal University to be a visiting professor for a couple of months. We all decided that we should make it a family affair and we all went. Mum went over first and then the girl and I joined her for the last six weeks. I took my girl out of school and found a school for her to attend in Nanjing. We found a local school that was willing to have her join a class with no expectations of exams, learning in Mandarin, or putting pressure on teachers to make extra accommodations for her.

Mum and I first visited China in 1994 as FITs – foreign independent travellers. What wild ride that was! Beijing, train rides, Nanjing, Chóngqìng, Shanghai, and few other places in between along the Yangtze River (on a cruise boat for Chinese business folk) well before the dam was built. China was still relatively new to welcoming foreigners. They’d been “open” for years, but there was still a wariness of the anyone that might have ideas contrary to the People’s Republic. We’re talking only five years following the “June Fourth Incident” when we travelled.

Later, China became part of our lives again. In 1998 Mum spent a sabbatical semester at Nanjing Normal. The next year, I went and taught for a year and NNU as an English teacher. It was an amazing experience and I touch on in my recollections of our time there with Amelia. I’ll see if I can’t pull some of my recollections from “care-free-not-a-mum” days. Though those days may be better left where they are – we’ll see.

Within these posts you’ll find the agony and ecstasy of “living” in China for six week…