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Remembering again from a day the Tube workers were on strike, and the final bits of our time in London before returning Stateside…

A. got her cab ride. She feels that she deserves one every time we’re in London, granted this is only her second time visiting this city. We were heading to see The Railway Children at King’s Cross Station. What an amazing show! If you’ve never seen the film I highly recommend it as a family movie night feature.

The Tube workers went on strike the day we were slated to see the show so the cab was not just a treat but a necessity as the busses were in high demand that day.


One has to stop off at Trafalgar Square when in London. If you like books, or your children like books, Katie in London is a very nice read – it even has one of the Lions from Trafalgar come to life! This day we had a Fly Over by the RAF in honour of her Majesty’s 90th birthday. We seeing her come out on the balcony with her family, but another family who was in town for the “reunion” got to see them. Shh, don’t tell the girl she missed seeing the Queen!

Then is was off to Fortnam and Mason to pick up the much needed replenishment of tea for the trip home. There’s nothing quite like a “restorative cup of the congenial beverage” as Amelia Peabody might say!

We travelled back to where we were staying, the old study centre still in use by the university, by bus


then it was about time to pack up and leave the travels for the summer behind us. Sad, but true.

On the last day we did what A. wanted to do. She had wanted to take a ride on the London Eye – so we did. It was not something that was high on my list of things to do, but sometimes as a parent you do what you want, sometimes you do what the offspring wants to do, and sometimes you do what both of you want to do!

There are other absolutely necessary things to do in London…

Take in a show on the West End. We got to see David Suchet (of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot and RSC fame) as Lady Bracknell in “The Importance of Being Earnest”. What a way to end a trip. We saw this on our next to last evening before leaving. What a high note to end on. A. was enchanted. I was impressed with how much of the humour she actually got and laughed harder than most. It’s wonderful to be able to share a love for something with her.

Have a picnic in Hyde Park, or any one of the other parks in the city. They are little oasis in a concrete jungle. We enjoyed a picnic in Kensington Gardens and enjoyed going through the parts of Kensington Palace open to the public – no sight of dearest Charles or Charlotte, but one never knows!

Visit as many museums as your kids can stand! We missed the Natural History this time around, but we’re expecting to go to London again sometime or other.

There are interesting guides out there for families. Check one out before you go so your children know approximately what to expect when they get there. My girl likes to know things! The more she knows before she gets to our destination the better the experience is for her – and me/us!

Take a tour The Globe! I’m a huge Shakespeare fan. I’ve taught it, stage managed it, lived it, breathed it! I was in London when the current site was first being dug and excavated and planned. It’s amazing! The tours are chock full of information and if you get a docent with personality s/he can make it even better, especially if there’s a production in the works.

Mail a postcard and make sure to put in one of those fabulous Royal Mailboxes on any random corner you come across!


sending mail off for Postman Pat to pick-up and send on it’s way!

I could go on and on and on! There are so many other interesting things to do in and around London! I’ve taken up six posts with London stuff already.


Time to be moving these feet backwards to other posts.

Where to next?

Wait and see!